Announcing our 2016 "small group" tours of the Ukraine & Krakow Poland!

Jarvis Group Travel is pleased to announce that they will be including three glorious days in Krakow, Poland along with their traditional tour of the Western Ukraine! Check out details on the Itinerary page.

Our goal is to provide you with a thoroughly ENJOYABLE and SAFE trip. Our tour is 16 fabulous days from a starting price of $5,200.

Additionally, our price is the ‘end’ price, which means that it includes all airfares, transfers & taxes, hotel accommodations, and meals. The only thing needed is your spending money and gratuities. We don’t believe in ‘adding more fees’ after we have your commitment. We pride ourselves in having honesty and integrity.
We heard you on previous trips; our tours now have accommodations either on the main floor or with elevators.

Some of the Highlights: We will be invited guests to a “real” Ukrainian wedding (Auigust tour only), go to a school concert, visit castles, and still have plenty of time for fellowship, dancing and shopping.
We want you with us to share the memories of the Ukraine.
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With Jarvis Group Travel
Find your roots or visit your “village”

Small group tour with a minimum of 15 people.
Price includes airfare, all airport taxes and chartered bus.
Quality hotel rooms and all meals; admissions.

Art Travel guides will show you: Bustling cities... pastoral farmlands... sylvan countryside... Breadbasket of Europe... Attend concerts when and where available... Bread and salt welcome in Kornych Village... Visit churches, monasteries... Catholic and Orthodox. Monuments: Shevchenko...Khmelnitsky...St. Volodomyr... Enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains. And much more...

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Traveller Tips

£ Travel in the spirit of humility and with a genuine desire to learn
£ Cultivate the habit of listening and observing
£ Realize that often the people in the country you visit have time concepts
£ Instead of looking for “the beach paradise” discover a different way of life

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FAQ & Traveller Tips

Photo tour of Ukraine

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August Itinerary
Marion & Roy Z.
Sangudo AB.

We had a fantastic trip to Ukraine with the Jarvis Group. Hotels were excellent-very clean and modern. The tour was well planned and included many sights which showed us the Ukrainian culture and their way of life.

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Our trip to the Ukraine with Jarvis Tours was a dream trip for my wife and I. It was very well organized and thoughtfully orchestrated, I never felt rushed or time constrained.

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Jarvis Group Travel Ltd was formed to promote Group Tours to different parts of the World.

Tours are "all inclusive" all accommodations, meals and transportation are looked after from departure to return.

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Rest assured that our tours only travel to the Western Ukraine and do not go anywhere near the Eastern Ukraine or Crimea!

The Canadian Government states:

"There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Ukraine ...except for an advisory against all travel to Crimea and to the Donetsk, Luhansk areas of Eastern Ukraine."
Travel SAFE!
With Jarvis Group Travel
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SATURDAY JUNE 4 & 5, 2016
(240 90 Avenue SE)